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Genotyping service

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    "Genome Scan: Applied Biosystems MD10 Linkage Mapping Set. This commercial set is a group of 400 di-nucleotide markers covering the somatic and X chromosomes at an average of 10cM. Panels are arranged by chromosome, facilitating partial genome scans. The electropherogram below is a single panel of the MD10 Linkage Mapping Set composed of 17 markers. Single Nucleotide Extension (SNE): Applied Biosystems SNaPshot kit for single nucleotide extension reactions. This is essentially a "mini-sequencing" reaction using non-fluor primers and the same Big Dye terminators used in fluorescent sequencing. The multi-step process involves 1) PCR of a region containing a known SNP, 2) ExoSap clean-up of excess dNTPs and primers, 3) SNE reaction using an interrogation primer and dye labeled ddNTP's, 4) Sap cleanup and 5) Gel electrophoresis. The result is a single color peak for each specific nucleotide incorporated. The electropherogram below shows six multiplexed SNE reactions."
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    Sierra, Rosa A., B.S
  3. Contact
    Zabaleta, Jovanny, Ph.D.
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    Genomics Core Facility (LCRC)
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    Genotyping assay
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