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Liquid handling service

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    "The Beckman Biomek is a liquid handling robot. The Biomek 2000 can do anything you can do with a pipetman, but it can do it continuously, more accurately, and without mistakes (assuming it is programmed correctly). For example, it can make up a PCR master mix, and set up the thermal cycling reactions in a 384-well plate that has a different template in each well. The Biomek 2000 has 12 positions on its deck for holding tips, as well as a variety of plates, tubes, and fluid reservoirs. The robot has the following pipetors: continual flow (for washing), P1000, P250, P20, P250 8-channel, P20 8-channel. The Biomek 2000 Laboratory Automation Workstation meets the demands of rapidly changing life science technology with simple, intelligent automation of liquid-handling tasks. Pipetting, diluting and dispensing operations are performed quickly, easily and automatically. The modular platform allows expansion of system capability to include plate heating and cooling, plate washing, high-density transfers, photometric measurement and high-capacity operation. The entire system is controlled by powerful and user-friendly BioWorks software with an intuitive graphical interface. As this equipment is very expensive and easy to damage, the facility is requiring all potential users to be trained by Mrs. Flynn or by a factory representative."
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    Sierra, Rosa A., B.S
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    Zabaleta, Jovanny, Ph.D.
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    Biomek 2000 liquid handling robot
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    Genomics Core Facility (LCRC)
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    Liquid handling
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