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Routine Histopathology

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    - Sample Dissections and Handling- Includes fixation, dissection, snap-freezing, labeling, mounting, and/or storage prior to further processing of both paraffin and frozen samples - Tissue Processing (paraffin)- Required for samples submitted in formalin for paraffin microtome sectioning - Embedding (paraffin)- Required after tissue processing - Paraffin Sectioning- Includes 1 to 4 sections per slide (depending on sample size) - Frozen Sectioning- Includes 1 to 2 sections per slide (depending on sample size and procedure to be performed) - Deparaffinization- Required for all procedures on paraffin sections - Dehydration and Clearing- Required for all procedures (excluding fluorescence) involving both paraffin and frozen sections - Hematoxylin and Eosin- Routine histopathology stain for either paraffin or frozen sections - Cytospin
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    Marrero, Luis, Ph.D.
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    Morphology and Imaging Core (LCRC)
  6. Related Technique
  7. Related Technique
    Tissue embedding
  8. Related Technique
    Tissue sectioning
  9. Related Technique
    Tissue fixation
  10. Related Technique
    Histological sample preparation
  11. Related Technique
  12. Related Technique
    Chemical labeling
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