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Adult Stem Cell Core (LCRC)

Director: Pochampally, Radhika, Ph.D.


Core purpose: "To propagate, expand and supply high quality samples of normal mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) from in vitro cultures with appropriate quality control assurances for use by LCRC investigators who are studying any aspect of MSCs in relationship to cancer."





  • Colony Forming Unit (CFU) Assay ( Material analysis service )

    "The CFU assay assures MSC quality by testing the ability of MSCs to generate single-cell derived colonies, also known as colony forming units. Good quality, early passage hMSC's expanded at low density should yield a CFU assay of greater than 40%. If requested, the CFU assay will be carried out at the time of harvest and results will be available after 14 days."

  • Differentiation assays ( Material analysis service )

    "The differentiation assays assure MSC quality by testing MSCs ability to retain multi-potentiality for differentiation along different lineages. We test for adipogenesis and osteogenesis of p2 MSC's. If requested, the differentiation assays will be carried out at the time of harvest and the results will be available 23-30 days later."

  • MSC Propagation and Expansion ( Material production service )

    "MSC Propagation in vitro: 106 MSCs will be cultured until a total of 107 cells are obtained (10-14 days). Cells will then be distributed to LCRC investigators."

  • Stem cell storage ( Material storage service )

    "MSC's may be stored in the liquid nitrogen storage system for investigators that would like to store specific donor cells."

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