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Center for Nanomedicine & Drug Delivery (CNMDD)

Director: Mandal, Tarun, Ph.D.


The center is focused on understanding and overcoming barriers to efficient oral, colonic, parenteral, pulmonary and vaginal delivery of drugs in the hopes of developing new treatments for chronic diseases such as cancer. Numerous new technologies are coming out of the Center as relationships have been formed with small, advanced technology businesses.





  • Avestin EmulsiFlex-B3 high pressure homogenizer ( Homogenizer )

    HIgh pressure homogenizer for nanoparticle preparation (small volume)

  • Beckman Coulter LS 130 Static Light Scattering Analyzer ( Laser diffraction particle size analyzer )

    "Laser diffraction particle size analyzer
    •Beckman Coulter LS13320 equipped with the universal liquid module for particles size analysis in wet suspension in the range of 0.05 – 2000 µm.
    •Sympatec Helos offering dry and liquid particles size analysis in the range of 0.5 - 800 µm. Currently the Helos is used for measurements in connection with the air gun to analyze the single particle impact behavior.
    •Malvern: wet and dry dispersion, 5 – 1400 μm"

  • Beckman Coulter SA3100 Surface Area Analyzer ( Surface area analyzer )

    " The Beckman Coulter SA 3100 Surface Area and Pore Size Analyzer is a complete solution for characterizing the surface area and porosity of solid materials. Featuring an intuitive touch screen interface this fully integrated gas adsorption and sample preparation system gives you the information you need: BET and Langmuir Surface Area, BJH Adsorption and Desorption Pore Size Distribution, t-Plot Pore Volume and more. Data is displayed in real-time on the easy-to-read touch screen. Plus, the SA-View Windows viewing software allows you to view,print and archive your data."

  • Buchi B-191 Laboratory Spray Dryer ( Spray dryer )

    "The Mini Spray Dryer is the laboratory equipment of choice for the quick and gentle drying to powder of liquid end products. The impressive features of the Spray Dryer include its efficient performance with very short set-up times, an effective integrated nozzle cleaning mechanism and a high degree of flexibility thanks to the different cylinder geometries. Whether the requirement is the gentle drying of natural product dyestuffs, the isolation of highly effective pharmaceutical active agents, or the micro-encapsulation of aromas."

  • Buchi B-290 Mini Laboratory Spray Dryer ( Spray dryer )

    "The Mini Spray Dryer B-290 is the smallest benchtop Spray Dryer on the market. Some of the outstanding features are easy handling, visibel process because of the glass assembly and it's versatility. "

  • Buchi Nano Spray Dryer B-90 ( Spray dryer )

    "Spray dryer with unique ability to generate particle sizes in the nano range for milligram sample quantities at high yields."

  • Carver Tablet Press Machine ( Tablet press )

    Hydraulic tablet press

  • DelsaNano C Zeta Potential and Submicron Particle Size Analyzer ( Dynamic light scattering instrument photon correlation spectrometer )

    "The DelsaNano C uses photon correlation spectroscopy (PCS), which determines particle size by measuring the rate of fluctuations in laser light intensity scattered by particles as they diffuse through a fluid, for size analysis measurements and electrophoretic light scattering (ELS), which determines electrophoretic movement of charged particles under an applied electric field from the Doppler shift of scattered light, for zeta potential determination."

  • DU 640 UV/Visible Spectrophotometer ( Spectrophotometer )

    "The DU-640 is a complete standalone system that incorporates all of the needed components: CPU, graphical user interface, monitor, keyboard, 3-button mouse, and I/O ports. Programs for fixed wavelength, wavelength scanning, scatter correction, net A, time-based kinetic/rate determination, subtraction/addition, and manipulation of spectra are provided with each instrument. Non-volatile memory is standard for storage of methods and data.
    Applications-Oriented Quality Results"

  • EmulsiFlex-C3 High Pressure homogenizer ( Homogenizer )

    High Pressure homogenizer for nanoparticle preparation

  • Fluorescence Spectrometer ( Spectrophotometer )

    "The Cary Eclipse Spectrophotometer uses a Xenon flash lamp for superior sensitivity, high signal-to-noise, and fast kinetics. It measures the emission of light from samples in four modes. Using Xenon lamp technology, it captures a data point every 12.5 ms and scans at 24,000 nm/min without peak shifts. The Cary Eclipse is the only spectrophotometer with room light immunity. With an optional microplate reader, it offers full wavelength scanning of 384 samples. "

  • Hitachi S-3400 Varible Pressure Scanning Electron Microscope ( Variable pressure analytical field emission scanning electron microscope )

    "The S-3400N is a powerful, yet user-friendly SEM with sophisticated electron optical and automated functions, including Auto Beam Setting with Auto Axial Alignment. These are complemented by simple switching between variable pressure, high-vacuum and low-voltage modes with a single button press The novel "Quad-Bias" facility offers significantly higher probe currents for superior imaging even at low accelerating voltages, below 3 kV. This protects samples from beam damage and guarantees detailed surface imaging. Optimized detector technology such as the patented Environmental Secondary Electron Detector (ESED II) and innovative 4+1-Segment-BSE-detector provide maximum information from every sample. Variable chamber pressure allows charge up-free observation of any sample without special preparation techniques such as coating. The analytical specimen chamber design has optimum geometry for simultaneous accommodation of EDS, WDS and EBSD. The S-3400N features a 5-axis motorized stage with high tilt (-20° to +90°) which can accommodate samples up to 200 mm in diameter and up to 80mm high."

  • Hitachi S-4800 Type II Ultra-High Resolution Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope ( Field emission scanning electron microscope )

    "The Hitachi S-4800 is a truly versatile platform comprising impressive high resolution performance, advanced detection technology, and a user interface that makes it possible to capture even the most short lived moments accurately and clearly. It employs a semi-in-lens design for large sample accommodation while achieving ultra-high resolution comparable to performance only available with in-lens UHR SEMs."

  • Hot Stage Microscope (HSM) with controller ( Microscope )

    "Olympus BX40 compound transmitted light microscope with the following specifications: Illumination: 6V 30W halogen bulb. Objectives: Olympus Plan Achromat 10X, 40X and 100X oil immersion Eyepieces: 10X WF 22 mm FOV Low control x'y" mechanical stage Fixed binocular head Abbe substage condenser Dust Cover Operators Manual High Impact Carrying Case All glass surfaces are new and pristine having no fungus, dust, scratches, or element separations. This is truly a unique find in a new "old stock" microscope. It is ready to go to work as soon as placed on the counter and plugged in. The High Impact carrying case is for protected travel on airlines. Even the most heavy handed baggage handler should not be able to damage the microscope!" "The FP82HT Hot Stage is an easy-to-use and precise thermal measuring cell for visual sample inspection. The FP84HT Hot Stage simultaneously allows visual observation and DSC heat flow measurements. With a microscope and a video camera connected to the measuring cell, video images can be captured and overlaid with real time temperature, scale bar and text using a third party software (see Related Products)."

  • Labconco FreeZone 6 lyophilizer ( Lyophilizer )

    "6- liter capacity FreeZone Freeze Dry System that has collector temperatures that reach -50° C (-58° F)..."

  • Mastersizer 2000 particle size analyzer ( Static light scattering analyzer )

  • MP Micro fluid bed processor ( Fluid bed processor )

    "The MP-1 is the ultimate Fluid bed processor for R&D and for the first production supply of clinical material. The MP-1 can be used for mixing, granulation, drying, coating, pelletizing and tablet coating. Niro has sold more than 100 units to leading companies like Abbott, Astra, BASF, and Bayer"

  • Olympus IX 81 fluorescence microscope ( Fluorescence microscope )

    "The IX81 is an advanced motorized inverted microscope from Olympus.

    The IX81's modular frame and optical design provides 9 access ports for multiple input or output devices. Up to four ports can have simultaneous access to a primary image. With its built-in motorized Z-axis drive, 6-position nosepiece and light path selector, the IX81 is ready for multi-wavelength, advanced fluorescence and deconvolution techniques."

  • Perkin-Elmer Spectrum One FTIR Spectrometer ( Fourier transform infrared spectrometer )

    "The Perkin-Elmer Spectrum One FTIR Spectrometer is capable of data collection over a wavenumber range of 370-7800 cm-1. It can be configured to run in single-beam, ratio, or interferogram modes. The best resolution is 0.5 cm-1. A mid-range Deuterated triglycine sulfate infrared detector processes signals with a 68340 integrated chip. The sample compartment is purgeable. Instrument are interfaced to Perkin Elmer Spectrum software, which gives the user the ability to extract both qualitative and quantitative data from the spectrum, and generate custom reports."

  • Rigaku MiniFlex II Benchtop XRD System ( X-ray powder diffraction spectrometer )

    "The Rigaku Miniflex II can be used for a variety of applications from diffraction pattern comparison of polycrystalline materials such as powder samples and metal plates to qualitative and
    quantitative analyses and quality management of raw materials and products. This Miniflex system also offers use of a real-time angle correction system, a single sample holder, an automated six sample changer (used in standard operation), as well as a monochromator addition that captures X-rays other than Cu Kα
    for use in analysis."

  • TA Instruments Differential Scanning Calorimeter ( Differential scanning calorimeter )

    "• Enhanced resolution and baseline flatness with sensitivity better than 0.2 µW.
    • Temperature range of -90°C to 600°C
    • Temperature accuracy: ± 0.1°C
    • Temperature precision: ± 0.05°C
    • Software controlled dual mass flow controllers with automated gas switching during an experiment
    • Applications- Measures phase changes and Specific heat"

  • TGA 2050 thermogravimetric analyzer ( Thermogravimetric analyzer )

    •Temperature Range: Ambient to 1000 °C
    •Isothermal Temperature Accuracy: 1 °C
    •Modes of Operation: constant heating rate (thermal ramp)
    •Measured Properties: thermal decomposition; thermal stability of polymers; rates of evaporation; degradation kinetics

  • USP Dissolution Apparatus IV (Flow-through dissolution apparatus) ( Dissolution tester )

    "Dissolution testing USP 1, 2, 5, 6... Samples can be taken simultaneously, filtered and collected in a fraction collector, withdrawn using a robotic arm or simultaneously sampled and analyzed directly by UV or HPLC. It is also possible to collect a sample as well as analyzing at the same time. Dissolution test can also be performed in situ by a fiber optic probe also called UVFO. The operator will fill the vessels with media, the tablets will be automatically dropped and the test will start and finish."

  • Vankel VK 7000 Dissolution System ( Dissolution tester )

    Dissolution apparatus coupled with a spectrophotometer

  • Waters Acquity UPLC System w/single quadropole mass spectrometer detector ( Ultra high performance liquid chromatography with mass spectrometer )

    "The ACQUITY® SQD combines the resolution, sensitivity, and speed of UltraPerformance® technology with single quadrupole MS detection. Designed specifically for chromatographers performing UPLC®/MS analysis, it offers a simple yet powerful solution for multi-tasking, fast-paced laboratory environments – with robust and reliable performance, and walk-up operation for any expertise level."

  • ZetaPals Potential Analyzer ( Zeta potential analyzer )

    Zeta Potential Analyzer Utilizing Phase Analysis Light Scattering (Phase analysis light scattering technique).

  • Zetasizer 2000 particle size analyser ( Particle size analyzer )

    Laser Doppler velocimeter.


  • Drug Dissolution Testing ( Material analysis service )

    USP/NF dissolution testing

  • Drug Dosage Form Development ( Material production service )

    Pulmonary dosage form development
    Oral dosage form development
    Subcutaneous/Intramuscular dosage form development
    Transdermal dosage form development
    Controlled Released formumlations
    Novel Drug Delivery application development
    Nanopartical development

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